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Team Renner, I need your help!

I really want a scene from an interview, but I don’t know which interview is. This scene, where is it from?

I want to use this on my Avengers fanvid. If you guys sent to me some Clark Gregg footage and Chris Evans too would help a lot, ‘cause I don’t know what I’ll use for them. 
Heeeelp meee! x___x 

Hello there! I believe this is the video you’re looking for. If you’re looking to download it, you should probably use DownloadHelper on Firefox. :D

are you really team renner's librarian?

In Tumblr land, I am :) It all happened in this one post. And I’ve also added it to my resume:

Please help a fellow Jeremy fan.


I’ve been looking for the gif where he flips out in his adorable black outfit on Jimmy Kimmel and I can’t find it. Please help. :)

Team Renner’s Librarian at your service :) Haha!

Did you mean this gif?

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I approve of you being Team Renner's librarian, Jo :D

YAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!! Omg, how fitting that I’m currently at work in the library and I’m appointed Team Renner’s Librarian! Trying my best not to scream out loud in my excitement! :D

Overwrought and Overthought: Team Renner, I need your help.


(I’m new to the team, but so happy to be here! :D)

Alright, so I am absolutely in love with “The Unusuals”. One of my favorite scenes-moments-whatevers is in “42”, where Walsh and Casey (I’d call her by her last name but I’m too lazy to go check the spelling) are talking about Beaumont, and she…

Hey! Welcome to Team Renner :D I managed to find your inquiry using good ol’ Google (keywords: tumblr, unusuals, i’m her man). I remember seeing posts ages ago, and managed to track them down. Here we go: post and post.