Title: Missing Scene: Birdie

Character(s): Natasha/Black Widow, Clint/Hawkeye, Bobbi Morse/Mockingbird

Words: 700

Genre: Romance/General

Rating: K

Summary: Movie verse: Clint and Natasha talk when Natasha notices a little birdie hanging outside the window. BobbiClint.

Natasha sighed as Clint massaged his knuckles next to her. They were never trained for this, her words echoed through her mind. She looked up and saw a fellow agent (and friend) look through the window of the door. The agent ducked down at the sight of Tasha staring and Tasha smiled.

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the reason i like clint/natasha is because i loved their dynamic in the early tales of suspense comics, back when they were both on the side of evil :P but that's probably just me lol

YES! I do have to admit that in Tales of Suspense they did have a great dynamic even though they were on the dark side, lol! (I love how I work Star Wars into my conversations!) Remember when they kidnapped Pepper and Happy, and confronted Iron Man. What issue was that? 60-something? Something like that…

Anyway, you have a great reason for shipping them, which is based off of the comics. Some of the other fans, however, don’t do that. They’re completely reliant on the films to tell the tale. That’s my issue with the ship and with most other ships from the film-verse as well.

Thanks for the input! :D

Interestingly enough, Widow and Hawkeye both get shipped with Bruce Banner too.

Oh, I know, lol! I’ve seen the tags, haha! I’ve seen it all for Clint/Bruce, Clint/Coulson, Tasha/Bruce. The latter two ships resulted out of the movies, imo. The former one came out of the cartoon series. 

Clint and Bruce/Hulk have a good friendship going there, but their acts of friendship have been taken further into the world of shipping.

I find it weird because Clint is honestly a lady’s man, lol! I’m in no way homophobic because I have a few slash pairs near and dear to my hear, but those characters are homosexual in the story. Clint isn’t. 

I just opened a new can of worms so I really hope I don’t get anon hate for this, haha! Thanks for the comment though!

i left that natasha and clint message earlier and thanks for not hating on me. that gif was really funny!

That gif serves no purpose, I just wanted to use it, lol! But aww, I’m not gonna hate on you. The reason why I’m so annoyed with that ship is because some people who support it aren’t big comic book readers. I just want people to read more comic books and realize that, “Hey, Black Widow doesn’t need a man. Or, omg Black Widow and Winter Soldier! Or, Clint and Jessica are so cute! Or, omg Bobbi is amazing and Clint should get back with her. Or, screw that, Hawkeye just needs to focus on his own shit and has no time for relationships.”

I’d rather see more of those comments than what I’m currently seeing just because the movie has two attractive people playing their parts. You know what I mean? Granted, Jeremy and Scarlett look amazing together, but that shouldn’t be translated onto their characters. I hope that makes sense.

why do you hate natashaxclint? they're cute!

I cannot be the only one who doesn’t want Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff to get together.




Please tell me I’m not.

they arn’t supposed to. he’s fucking married when he joins the avengers.

That’s what drives me crazy!! Just because there is a chick in the group doesn’t mean she has to be hooking up with someone, especially Clint. It makes me angry when I see manips and gifs of the two of them.

AND I’VE FOUND MY NEW BEST FRIENDS! Welcome to the club! :D

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