Title: Missing Scene: Birdie

Character(s): Natasha/Black Widow, Clint/Hawkeye, Bobbi Morse/Mockingbird

Words: 700

Genre: Romance/General

Rating: K

Summary: Movie verse: Clint and Natasha talk when Natasha notices a little birdie hanging outside the window. BobbiClint.

Natasha sighed as Clint massaged his knuckles next to her. They were never trained for this, her words echoed through her mind. She looked up and saw a fellow agent (and friend) look through the window of the door. The agent ducked down at the sight of Tasha staring and Tasha smiled.

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Clint/Natasha in the russian trailer..

Oh-kay…lol! That’s fantastic news for you, I guess! Why are you telling me this, anon? Wait, are you THAT anon? The one that bashed my beautiful Mockingbird a few months ago?

Regardless, I don’t like to put these two amazing women against each other. I’ve established this already. People ship whatever they want to ship and if Tasha/Clint satisfies them, then okay. That’s fine, lol!

Have fun with your Tasha/Clint moment, I’ll stay in my corner over here rooting for Tasha and Clint as individual kick ass S.H.I.E.L.D. agents…while waving a giant flag with Mockingbird on one side and Mockingbird/Hawkeye on the other, lol!


Black Widow. So fierce. 

why do you like mockingbird so much? natasha is better for hawkeye any way...

Really, anon? Really?

You know…I used to like Natasha and Clint, but now because of people like you I can’t fucking stand it anymore. Not even my love for Scarlett and Jeremy will save that ship.

You want to know why I love Mockingbird? The same reason why Clint loves her…because she’s fucking awesome. Not only does she bring out the best in Clint, but she’s also his stars, moon, and sun. She is his Birdie. So don’t you dare tell me that anyone else, especially Natasha, is better for him. Do me a favor and check out your comic book history before leaving messages like this with me because Natasha and Clint continue to live only in fandom. Plus, Natasha and Bobbi admire each other as strong, independent women and there is no need to pin one against the other.

So if you’re mission was for me to support Tasha/Clint, then you failed because I am done. You may continue to ship that if you want because I believe in shipping whatever your heart desires, but not me. I’m going to go now.