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Steve: Which one are you again, son?

Johnny: Woah! Are you serious? How could you not know this? I’m Johnny! Johnny Storm, the Human Torch!

Clint: Ah, give him a break, Torch. He’s like 100 years old.


“Where are we going?” Ben asked as he looked out the window from his side of the car.

“I told you we’re going camping,” Will replied. He briefly glanced over and inwardly sighed. To be honest, he had no idea what he was doing.

The broken radio made the ride awkward with the hum of the car running in the background. A phone vibrated by the gear shift and Ben glanced down at the caller, “What does IMF stand for?”

Will grabbed the phone, turned it off and tossed it to the back seats. “Is that where you work?” Ben asked.

“You realize you’ve been asking me nothing but questions since the moment you arrived at my doorstep,” Will said with a hint of irritation.

“What do you expect? I know nothing about you. I was 10 years old the last time I saw you and mom and dad never talked about you after you left.”

Will sighed. His parents’ unexpected deaths hit him hard and the responsibility of taking care of his younger brother hit him harder.

“That’s why we’re going camping, so we can get to know each other again. Mom and dad used to take us camping every summer, remember?”

Ben looked out the window again, “Yeah, I remember. I remember when you lost me after dad told you to keep an eye on me.”

Will scratched his forehead as he tried to remember the event and when he did he started to laugh, “We were playing hide and seek, you little punk. I couldn’t find you and I started to freak! And the whole time you were hiding up in a tree watching us go crazy trying to find you.”

Ben joined in his laughter, “Mom scolded you for days. It was hilarious!”

The laughter eventually died down and Will lightly punched Ben on the shoulder, “I miss them too, you know.”

Ben punched him back, “Yeah, I know.”

"I did the job. Just give me my lil’ brother back. He’s a good kid."

"Good kid? Fuckin’ kid ran off and killed two of my guys in the process…’Cos of that, I suggest you start running too."

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Helicarrier + Quinjet

The Helicarrier.