Overwrought and Overthought: Team Renner, I need your help.


(I’m new to the team, but so happy to be here! :D)

Alright, so I am absolutely in love with “The Unusuals”. One of my favorite scenes-moments-whatevers is in “42”, where Walsh and Casey (I’d call her by her last name but I’m too lazy to go check the spelling) are talking about Beaumont, and she…

Hey! Welcome to Team Renner :D I managed to find your inquiry using good ol’ Google (keywords: tumblr, unusuals, i’m her man). I remember seeing posts ages ago, and managed to track them down. Here we go: post and post.

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Watching Mitchell/Annie scenes from series 3 like a…

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Printing out in my computer lab like a boss….even though we are limited to 10 pages or so. LOL!