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Marvel, at the NY Comic-Con over the weekend, & Kevin Feige talked Marvel franchises. Bleeding Cool quoted Feige saying Iron Man 3 would be the first film “in the 2nd phase of the Avengers initiative.” Other sequels to follow.

No doubt we’re in for a bevy of Mavel films & sequels.Captain America 2, Thor 2, and who knows… Dr. Strange? Ant-Man? Luke Cage & Iron Fist? War Machine?

IM3 = May 2013. Thor2 = Nov 2013. Cap2 is likely 2014.

Feige also apparently confirmed that Shane Black is directing the third Iron Man movie.

More from NYCC @ THR, BleedingCool & ThePlaylist.

I’m never going to get my Hawkeye movie. So much potential.

Guardians of the Galaxy and Inhumans are going to be made into movies…

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Detailed description of Avengers footage at NYCC.

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Next year is a must. No doubt about it. See you then NYCC!

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One of my favorite panels!